Welcome to AxisIMA®

AxisIMA® is a consulting firm specialized in providing public and private sectors with integral and innovative solutions in ports and coastal engineering, environmental management and renewable energy.

Since the firm was created in 2004, AxisIMA® has developed more than 250 projects in Mexico, Venezuela, Nicaragua, The United States of America, India, the Caribbean among others.

Established in Mexico, and with solid national and international experience, our solutions integrate technological innovation with environmental and social sustainability in all those communities where we work, which has added value to all the projects in which we are involved.

Concrete solutions for

Great ideas!


• Port Development and Coastal Zones.
• Real Estate and Industrial Development.
• Tourism and Commercial Development.

• Oil and Gas.
• Renewable Energy.
• Mining Industry.

Academic collaborations:

AxisIMA concretes alliances and carries out Innovation, Research and Development projects with highly recognized national and international academic institutions and centers.


Strategic alliances

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